About us

The 100% Hungarian owned Abonett Ltd. was founded in 1949. One of our best known products is the Abonett Crackerbread family, which has been present on the shelves of the Hungarian food stores since 1986.

The keystone of our approach is to apply the results of dietetics in order to produce healthy products. No genetically modified (GMO), or chemically treated grain is allowed to get into our products, and we refrain from using artificial additives.

We develop and manufacture our products using modern technology and advanced quality assurance systems (HACCP, IFS).

Abonett is always “ready at hand”, whenever we wish to have a healthy breakfast, a quick snack, or a healthy diet dinner, it can be a complete meal, or an additional treat anytime. In order to experience the joy and the beneficial effects of cereals right away, at any time of the day, beside crackerbreads, Abonett created the SlimUp product family. Its members are: the Sandwich, the Snack and the Millet balls.