Our mission

Abonett as a tradition guarding family business offers 100% natural, low calorie content food to customers. The innovative and diverse bread substitute products are made with technology using environmentallly friendly raw materials by local farmers and workers giving them jobs to secure their livelihood.

100% natural
  • Extruded breads are made out of whole grain flour using only natural materials.
  • Going through our process the grain preserves its full nutritional value.
  • The Abonett extruded bread high in fiber, low in salt, free of yeast, free of added chemicals, so it means, there are no gene altering additives and has outstanding low calorie content, therefore helps to keep a healthy diet.
  • Whenever it is possible we are purchasing the used basic ingredients from local growers to eliminate environmental pollution and keep our high quality
Innovative and varied assortments
  • As a market leader Abonett continuously experimenting with new extruded breads adapting to the lifestyles of the customers. Our products are now available in 18 different flavors, among them you can find new super food based bread with chia-seeds, buckwheat and quinoa.
  • Our bio and gluten-free products are catering for customers following a healthy generic diet and those who suffer of food intolerance.
  • We developed sweet and salty sandwiches for those who are on the run and have no opportunity to eat a healthy satisfactory meal, but it is important for them to have good quality food even on the road.
  • Our 4 slices small format product fits in a small bag and could be consumed any time, anywhere.
Family enterprise
  • Abonett Kft located in Abony. The family owned and operated business demonstrates increased sense of responsibility for their staff and local suppliers by giving them opportunities to secure their livelihood.
  • Cooperation and dependability is the core value of its operation to build long lasting relationships with customers, business partners and workers.
  • They are taking pride of their decades of accumulated knowledge and combine it with researching for state of the art science in the food and nutrition industry.
  • The real proof in the company’s continuous activities and continuous innovation is that Zoltan Szebeni, who controlled production of Abonett from the outset, transferred all responsibilities over to his two sons Akos and Zoltan from 2018. They assure the further development of their products and operation of the company together.